Need a Cold Shower? No problem!

Hot Chiller, the Only Shower Cooler, Your Water Cooling System!

  • Water shower has never been so Fresh,
    thanks to Hot Chiller

Winter Hot Water

Summer Cold Water

Hot Chiller is an innovative product made with high quality materials to quickly cool or heat the water in your house.

The system will give you the perfect combination in order to enjoy fresh shower during summer and warm shower during winter.

Hot Chiller is the only appliance on the market with dual function: cooling and heating water for indoor installation.

Technical Data Sheet

You will have the chance to set the shower temperature at your will!

Our Hot Chiller, thanks its powerful heat pump, has the potential power to cool the water from 45 ℃ outdoor temperature down to 10 ℃.

Its storage can give you enough chilled water to take up to 3 – 5 consecutive shower following the worldwide standard average (see PDS).

Italian Technology!


Not bulky

Compared to common water heater on the market, Hot Chiller is much more compact and doesn’t clutter any space.

Greater Power

Very low consumption

Our product has an amazing power thanks to the innovative heat pump, in order to offer high energy efficiency at reduced consumption.


One price, double benefit!

Contact us for more details.


Easy Installation Process

Standard installation – water heater replacement / non-standard installation-set up facility, ad hoc evaluation.

What our clients say


If you also feel the discomfort of endless hot water in the shower, you should buy Hot Chiller. Very effective and comfortable thanks to the automatic mixer. The product worths its price!


Hot Chiller definitely saved me. There's nothing worse than a hot shower, when it's 45 degrees outside; and who lives in the Middle East, knows what I'm talking about. I would recommend it to anyone!


Since I installed Hot Chiller in my house, I can enjoy fresh shower even in summer. Functional item, and the installation and assistance service is definitely valid. Strongly recommended!

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